Children's Advocacy Center of Hamilton County

5,000 Angels

Victims of violent crime often feel shattered, insecure and isolated from others. Even adults have difficulty processing through the pain of that experience. When a child becomes a victim of violent crime, the psychological aftermath can be devastating.

Angels minister to those who need it most, without being seen. Angels are felt. Feeling the presence of an angel can be all a child needs, especially a child who has survived sexual or physical abuse. You can be that angel.

We are not asking for money. We are not asking for your name and address. We are not asking for more than one minute of your time. We are asking that you take that one minute and provide a message of encouragement to a child survivor of sexual or physical abuse who may be feeling completely alone.

Your message of encouragement will be given to child victims at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hamilton County (CACHC). Our hope is that whenever a child victim feels overwhelmed, ashamed or totally crushed, your words of encouragement will show them that they are not alone. That they have done nothing wrong. That the good people in Hamilton County choose to side with them. That there are 5000 Angels in their corner, reaching out to them with encouragement and support.

Leaving your email address is optional, but it would help the children to know that there are at least 5000 Angels who are willing to stay connected to the mission of helping them and kids just like them. If you leave your email address, you will receive a thank you email, an occasional CACHC update and, perhaps, a thank you from a child or their family member. Your email address will not be provided to anyone outside of the Children's Advocacy Center. Of course, if you wish to provide a message of encouragement without leaving your email address, please do so. Our goal is simply to have 5000 Angels from our community, all communicating words of encouragement to those who need it most. Please take that minute.

Please be an Angel.